Wholesale New and used Phones

Fantastic selection of iPhones & Smarthphones

Wholesale New and used Phones

We have a fantastic selection of iPhones & Smarthphones

We want to partner with you, not sell to you.

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About Our Company

Founded in April 2003, Reyder Enterprises, Inc is a modern, fast-growing IT company.

Our company engages in planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies.

The hardware and software components of the system may be provided by our company as part of integrated services or may be provided by third parties or vendors.

Our company installs the system and train and support users of the system.

Our Services such as:

.-Computer systems integration design consulting services(Web Development, Database, Security),

.-Local area network (LAN) computer systems integration design services(Infrastructure, Storage, Bigdata, Networking)

.-Information management computer systems integration design services,

.- Office automation computer systems integration design services

Founded in April 2003, Reyder Enterprises, Inc is a modern, fast-growing IT company.
Our company is the premier global platform where wholesale cell phone distributors, retailers, repair shops, and smaller distributors can buy new and used cell phones wholesale.

Also, We’re committed to unmatched support, communication, and convenience. The ability to develop relations and take care of our customers is what makes the difference. Your success is our success. We are one of the largest wholesale cell phone distributors in the world,

Reyder Enterprises, Inc iPhone Wholesale is a state-of-the-art Technology and Processing Center. We are dedicated to the devices for selling them into the global secondary market phones used, new and unlocked phones.

First all, iPhone Wholesale, Such focused expertise is necessary to achieve the high-volume, high-efficiency, and low-cost operations that set us apart. The best cheap iPhones, Samsung, Lg, Google, that you can find at Reyder Enterprises, Inc iPhone Wholesale.

Obviously, Iphone Wholesale, Our phones are collected from the world’s largest carriers, retailers, and OEMs through long-term contractual partnerships.

As a result, This ensures a predictable and continuous supply of quality, high-performing devices and enables us to provide the largest device catalog in the industry from iPhone 6 wholesale until iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Complete Solutions


An effective back-office environment is equipped with servers, storage, software, applications

Mobile For SMB

Mobile workers are just as connected out of the office as they are in it.


A robust collection of systems and accessories, software and networks

System Integrator/Components

Building computing solutions for SMBs is a mixture of PCs, components, and accessories


Our Vision

Computer Systems Design Services

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